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I use the pain salve daily on my legs. I absolutely love it. I've had leg cramps all my life, this helps me so much. I am able to get some things done, I normally can't. Getting ready to try the silky fine.Would recommend, yes. 

Yoga Practice


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Cosmetic Bottles

Her products do exactly as she says and leave you feeling like well, a million buck's!! If you suffer from anxiety I highly recommend the Perfect Balance bath soak! Ohh and her scents, omg awesome!!! 

Briana Stanley

Flowers and Citrus

I met Tasha at a grocery store while I was her cashier. My grandmother had passed a couple months before and the day before I couldn't stop crying. As I was cashing her out she said i have something tl tell you that might scare you. Long story short she knew things she couldn't possibly have known as i NEVER met her before!! I had to walk away as I was instantly in tears. She gave me her card before leaving and I got the needed goodbye I needed. 

Avery Smith

Cinnamon Sticks

There's nothing that I don't love! Her perfumes are lit and her bath soaks and lip gloss are 🔥🔥🔥🔥. She's always right on her readings too and you can't hide snap from her lol. 

Amber Robertson



I loved my reading , she was very thorough with everything and helped me feel what I needed to feel. I was new to the experience of readings and she also made me feel connected and said some personal things no one would know. I highly recommend her for anything you need, can’t wait to try her line of products and other services she offers. I trust her and appreciate her guidance.Would recommendYes

Nicole F. 

Square Stage


Did You Like Our Products?

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