The Phoenix Code 616

Im often asked, "what it's like to be a medium?"

Imagine that you've got a radio all around you that you can turn the station on at any given moment.

It's as if a movie plays in my minds eye while being able to see, smell and hear thing's most people are oblivious too.

Imagine that each station taps into a person or place.

Imagine that running your hands on a place or touching a person gives you visions of their life or the history a place holds.

When I tap in, I am able to get flashes of past, present and future events.

Im able to see thing's not only from lost loved ones, but thing's left heavy on the person's mind. Such as, but not limited too, decisions and actions that are present in their energy, past or those to come.

It's as if I can see everything they're meant to achieve, things holding them back or moves they should make to better themselves on multiple levels.

Its so much more than seeing those past over. It's tapping into said person as a whole as if their own personal deep soul and life coach.

A Phoenix Rising..



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