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Updated: Jun 3, 2021

We are very pleased that you've decided to join us on this crazy journey we call life.

Our blog will feature many key aspects from Holistic healing, Spiritual practices and anything else we might think that will tickle your fancy or help with issues one may be facing!

So lets start with a little back story, shall we?!!

Natasha has been a well known Medium in her community for over 25 years. She has been able to not only see those passed but converse and interact with them as well. She has factually seen them her whole life but for the longest was afraid to come forward aside those close to her as well lets be honest, She didn't feel she look good in a straight jacket!!

Now fast forward... Natasha has always been passionate about helping people. It brings her the greatest joy in life aside her children. She wants to see everyone succeed in this chess game of life and most importantly, have a sense of peace while doing so. She has always been an active listener who understand the importance to listen to understand and not react. This is why so many feel comfortable in her presence and energy.

She has turned her passion into helping people into something much deeper aside basic problems. Her main goal in life is to help those heal on a deeper level of mind, body and soul. This is why she is studying her Doctrine in Holistic healing. She had already received her RN degree in 2012 and now wants to practice medicine but with a more earthy approach.

We are so thrilled you have chosen to walk with us on this journey and we are excited to help you flourish mind, body and soul.

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