Daily Dose of Davini: The life of a Medium 101

Most days I see those who've passed over. Factually, welp pretty much EVERY single day lol. I'm talking one little, two little peoples popping up daily.

Welp let's talk about today's visitors, shall we?

First, let's talk about how they just pop in. Its like a secret door way protected by an electric current that goes in all directions when they just walk through the veil.

Now, I had had quite a few today including an Allie, Maryann and Phil.

Phil decided he would pop up to get his peek a boo in as I was minding my own business drying off after my....(yep you guessed it) my shower!!

Now let me tell you these people have jokes, comments ect in the after life as well. This one in particular attempted to not only goose me but comment on "baby got back".

Now I tell them about themselves and let him now THIS was not the time and to kindly go BACK to his dimension.

His response: LISTEN dead speaker, there's nothing going on like THIS over here so I think id rather stay.

Welp at this point Im a little annoyed so I firmly with a smile advise he can come back later or ill sage him to his eternity.

Needless to say, he'll be back later lol.

Natasha Davini, therapist to the living and dead lol.

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