Daily Dose of Davini: tales of a medium.

Even as a medium we are startled by the spirit realm. Unfortunately, there are the tricksters who love to get us too. I don't always see these ones and they like to manipulate energy.

So let's talk today, shall we?

I ask my son to go upstairs and grab me the mirror so I can continue taking pictures of our new products. He informed me it's NOT there. Now mind you, it's always there as my room has a place for everything.

I make my way upstairs and as I enter my room the computer flips on. The only way to do this is click my mouse and enter a very difficult password. It begins playing....Youtube specifically a creepy pasta.

No-one has touched the computer for 3 days now well, the living anyways.

I kindly say, thanks for the generic jump scare and walked out .

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