Daily Dose of Davini

So let's discuss the day as a life as a medium or just odd occurrences in general lol.

So my day started out quite normal (if that's such a thing) with my normal energy drink and fix my face am ritual; but didn't last long.

Now mind you, I see spirits as I see people. They're not invisible ect and they can communicate quite clearly even projecting me images of their past lives.

Well I'm minding my own business sitting on the porch when I notice a lady walking down the street. Welp at that point, every hair stands up and she feels me the same as I feel her.

Of coarse she turbo blasts to the porch(only way I can describe it) to get her story out. Her name is Danielle and sadly she met her fate well, due to a bad product. She left behind 4 children and her mom's name is Joanne.

Her message was she loved the red carnations and it wasn't her fault. She can't blame herself and its time to purge all the thing's from her life her mom is storing.

Idk who this is for but I hope they find my site.

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