Astrology charting..



Let's talk Astrology, shall we!!!

Everyone knows their sun sign, however this is just the face of your chart!

There are 12 house's in each chart and each one represents a different aspect of ones life/personality.

But it doesn't stop there! Everyone's chart is unique based off of your birth date, place and time of birth.

This chart is a beautiful way to illuminate ones deepest fears, destined life path and key aspects of what makes you tick.

Have you ever heard the saying, life doesn't come with a manual? Well actually it does🤗.

These reports look at planet alignment on the day you were born ect and literally draw a map of deep interpersonal aspects of thyself.


We as Astrologists map each chart individually and use the planets within your chart to show us things your best at, such as, things to work on luck, career path and much much more!!

Are you excited yet? Want to learn more about your birth chart? Schedule your charting today! And lets see what the star's have aligned for you.

A Phoenix Rising 616.

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