What is Holistic healing?

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

In a nutshell, traditional Medicine only address the physical ailments one suffers daily. Resent studies from both Yale and Harvard have shown that most peoples illnesses are deeper then the physicality of said disease. For example, Fibromyalgia has been linked to Auto-immune disorders but its a direct ailment caused by a chemical imbalance of the brain. PTSD is one of many of the causes that contributes to this illness and its suffering inflicted. The reason that it isn't being cured or even corrected is general practitioners are only addressing the symptoms not the root cause.

Holistic Healing is a practice that uses different techniques to not only address symptoms but find and attempt to correct healing on a whole body aspect. For example lets use a fun scientific fact to delve a little deeper into Fibro. Being one of the main causes of said illness is Depression, Anxiety and PTSD, it causes the brain to release stress hormones that our bodies store in cells and tissues. This in turn causes wide spread pain to occur as well as other physical symptoms.

So how do we address and correct it?

We start with thinking of the body as a whole unit verses just a said system of the body.

How do we help eliminate stress, past trauma ect? We heal the brain but not like a counselor per say, but with Meditation, energy healing and just being there for people when they need someone.

By addressing past traumas, we begin the journey of lighting ones soul bringing more happiness into their lives. This helps release hormones associated with joy ect which brings balance to the cells of the body.

Now we can begin working on addressing the pain ect ones feeling. First, we will look at your daily lifestyle habits. Are you sleeping well, what's your diet consist of and most importantly, what is the number one stress factor in your life?

We use many techniques from Life/Spiritual coaching, Meditation, EM therapy, herbal remedies, better eating habits and other very useful tools to add/help benefit your general practitioner.

Here is a basic definition of Holistic Healing:

By definition, a holistic health practitioner is a professional who takes the whole person, including physical, mental and spiritual aspects into consideration when treating a health condition or promoting a higher level of wellness.

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