The Phoenix Code 616 was formed by Natasha Davini in Columbus, Ohio. We provide our clients with different forms of spiritual tools and guidance. Natasha has been known in her community for her gifts for over 20 years and strives to help others delve deeper into theirs. She is a teacher, reader and Divine Feminine.

Divine Healing


Welcome to The Phoenix Code 616!! 

Natasha is a well known medium in the community but this is just one of her many gifts. 

She is a healer, Mediation and Tarot teacher/coach, Certified grief counsellor, who also specializes in needless acupuncture and medical massage therapy. 


Astrology is also one of her biggest passions and charting comes almost second nature.  Our products are also centered to help those heal with a holistic approach. By using herbs, dried flowers, peptides and aromatherapy, she creates products to aid with any ailment one can think of. 

She is a bird of many colors and believes that for one to heal, we must focus on each system individually but uniting them together as one. 

In other words, heal the mind, body and soul together, and watch ones inner Phoenix get ignitied...one spark at a time!! 

A Phoenix Rising..616